5 Topics You Should Know Regarding Plumbing

During the holidays bathroom facilities are taxed with additional traffic and usage. Annual maintenance to clear any build-up can often prevent major toilet clogs and avoid the spread of infectious waste in the bathroom. Also, stay away from using chemicals to try and clear blockage as this rarely remedies a clogged line and can damage your pipes. If a plunger doesnt clear the clog, turn to the pros. What to be mindful of with water heaters? The arrival of cooler weather raises caution for water heaters. Cold air causes expansion and contraction in water heaters and in older units, fractures

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3 Things Should Learn About Plumbing Now

Boiler Feed: A check valve controlling inlet water flow to a boiler. Bonnet: The top portion of a compression valve assembly, it holds the valve in place as it is tightened against the valve seat at the other end of the assembly. Brackish Water: Water containing bacteria between 1,000 and 15,000... [...]

10 Things You Can Learn About Plumbing Now

Finish the cut with a handsaw. Cut 1x6s to post length and nail them over the exposed faces of the 44 posts. Use pairs of 2-in. siding nails driven every 8 in. Cut 14 top caps to length and nail them on with 2-in. siding nails. Then cut and bevel the post caps and fasten them with two 16d galvanized... [...]

6 Things Should Learn About Plumbing

If the municipal water supply is contaminated, then the entire community will be affected. In this situation, households are often forced to use bottled water until political or legal pressure can be brought to bear on the local authorities to address the problem. Households may also decide to install... [...]

8 Things On Home Improvement Plumbing Today

Its great you asked. The former holds heated water in a storage tank and keeps it hot till it is used. On the other hand, the tankless model heats the water on demand. On average the traditional water heaters use a lot of energy to preheat water and keep it hot. Switching to a tankless water heater,... [...]

6 Things On Home Improvement Plumbing Today

The pump and 1 GPH nozzles will use roughly 16-1/4 gallons of water every hour. Significantly less than running your central air conditioner for an hour. As previously mentioned, once youve got your system all planned out, most misters are easy to install and operate. If you are an experienced DIYer... [...]

5 Things On Home Improvement Plumbing Today

Overflow Hood: On a bath drain, the decorative hood concealing the overflow. Overflow Tube: The vertical tube inside a toilet tank that directs water into the bowl in case the ballcock malfunctions and prevents potential water damage caused by a tank overflow. A constant running condition alerts... [...]

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Prepare my breakfast (usually egg whites and some fruit) then grab my large black hot coffee and hit the desktop. First, its Desk.com to check and answer any email inquiries from BobPlumbingVideos.com, over to YouTube to check viewer comments and finally over to FaceBook to check on any inquiries... [...]

3 Best Home Improvements For Plumbing Now

Proof of licensing and insurance is also required. Google also requires service providers to update any employee information and periodically, re-certify that all information is accurate and up to date. The Google Guarantee backs the services performed, with some restrictions. The Google Guarantee... [...]

6 Best Home Improvements For Plumbing Today

The length of the trap arm can be no less than two pipe diameters before venting or Gordontheplumber.com Commercial Plumbing In My Area it will create a crown vent (which will cause the water to be siphoned from the trap and thus allow sewer gases to enter the premises) but the developed length can... [...]