3 Things On Home Improvement Plumbing

Cold regions, for instance, have a lower flow rate compared to warmer areas. These variations affect the 2 types of tankless water heaters. Solve this by using smaller fixtures. Both electric and gas fuelled water heaters need minimal maintenance . This is when compared to the traditional water heaters. Electric-type is easy to maintain as they have fewer components to keep clean; the filter inlets. You can flush twice or thrice in a year. Gas-fuelled tankless water heaters are also easy to maintain. Yet, they need more work than the electric units.


Here are a few DIY mistakes plumbers encounter on a regular basis. Replacing the toilet might seem like a simple project, and it usually doesnt present too many problems. Provided that you remember to shut off the water lines (more on that in a moment) and empty the water already in the toilet, the process is fairly easy for an aspiring do-it-yourselfer. In some cases, however, you might find that the new toilet doesnt quite fit as neatly into the space your old toilet occupied. The culprit is usually an irregular rough-in, Gordontheplumber.com Medinah Illinois 60157 the measurement that determines the distance from the finished wall to the toilets nearest floor bolt. Most modern homes feature a standard rough-in of 12 inches, but in older homes it could range from 10 to 14 inches. If you cant find a toilet that accommodates this space, you could end up having to move the drain, which can be a major (and expensive) project. Also, its a good idea to note the shape and diameter of the bowl before you buy a new toilet. Youll get tired of explaining to guests why the bathroom door bangs against the lip of the toilet if you replace a rounded bowl with an elongated one.


Dont pour FOG down the garbage disposal if you want to avoid these issues. Throw it away, instead. Thats a good tip. What else should I avoid putting down my drain? Never put beans, rice, pasta and bread down the drain. These are like sponges and when saturated with water, this food material will expand and can cause a backup. In addition, bones and fibrous foods should be thrown away or composted. Moving to the bathroom, what should we steer clear of? During the holidays bathroom facilities are taxed with additional traffic and usage.


A bendable plastic tubing most often used to supply water to bathroom fixtures. PE: Stands for polyethylene. A flexible plastic supply line. Percolation: Part of the water cycle that occurs after precipitation and before storage during which water filters down through aerated soil due to gravity. After percolation, water is stored in groundwater reservoirs until it reaches a point where sunlight warms it and the water evaporates. Percolation Rate: Environmental Engineering Dictionary. The rate, usually expressed as a velocity, at which water moves through saturated granular material. Perforated Pipe: Pipe designed to discharge water through small, multiple, closely spaced orifices or nozzles, places in a segment of its circumference for irrigation purposes. PEX:Stands for cross-linked polyethylene. A flexible plastic supply line that is stronger than PE. In bathrooms, it is used for water supply lines.


This usually happens because the water temperature has become too hot. 1. Check the temperature on the thermostat, and lower it if its too high. Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends that the temperature should be set at 120 F (49 C), which is found to provide an ideal balance between safety and comfort. 2. Make sure that the thermostat fits tight against the tank 3.Check that the thermostat is actually working. If its not, it needs to be replaced. 4. Another reason for a leak in this spot is that the valve itself may be defective and will need to be replaced.


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