10 Things You Can Learn About Plumbing Now

Finish the cut with a handsaw. Cut 1x6s to post length and nail them over the exposed faces of the 44 posts. Use pairs of 2-in. siding nails driven every 8 in. Cut 14 top caps to length and nail them on with 2-in. siding nails. Then cut and bevel the post caps and fasten them with two 16d galvanized casing nails driven at opposite corners. Cut the posts to length 4 in. above the panel tops (Photo 14) and add the 16 facing on both sides of the posts (Photo 15).Finally, add the 14 top caps and post caps (Figure A and lead photo).


Yet theres no denying this fact: When leaders focus on whats vital in their business, theyre more apt to get results and sustain success. In the spirit of recognizing and celebrating this relevant truth, Management Action Programs (MAP) is proud to announce the recipients of its 12th Annual Presidential Awards. The MAP Presidential Award calls out the excellence of leaders who demonstrate extraordinary dedication to effectively leading themselves, their teams and their organization. Yet the award also spotlights their teams success in using the MAP Management System to achieve breakthrough results. A proven business-management solution, the MAP System leverages MAPs customized consulting and an accountability process to execute Vital Factors Goals. This process is the critical, differentiating factor thats enabling these organizations achievement. Its also giving these organizations a significant marketplace edge in providing the strategies to sustain the healthy business-management habits of their disciplined leaders . These are impressive organizations, says John Manning, president of MAP, the Los Angeles-based firm that has helped 170,000 leaders in more than 15,000 organizations over the past 50+ years. Theyve worked hard to embrace and uphold structured accountability in everything they do.


Remedy: Consumers should immediately unplug and stop using the recalled washers and contact GE Appliances for a free Gordontheplumber.com Lisle Illinois repair. Consumer Contact: GE Appliances toll-free at 877-830-9732 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday or online at www.geappliances.com and click Recall Information at the bottom of the page for more information. Units: About 222,000 (in addition, about 450 were sold in Canada) Description: The recall involves three models of GE Profile high-efficiency top-loading clothes washers. The washers come in gold, gray and white and measure about four cubic feet. GE Profile is printed on the front of the washers. The model number is located on the rear cover of the washers backsplash, above the water valve connections. Recalled washers have the following model and serial number ranges: Incidents/Injuries: GE Appliances has received 71 reports of internal washer components burning or catching fire, including three reports of fires resulting in about $129,000 in property damage.


Pipes installed underneath homes, either buried in the ground or encased in the concrete slab, are affected by the gradual movement and shifting of the house over time. If the pipes shift downwards, they can create a negative slope, or belly, that restricts the flow of water and creates pools that accumulate waste or sediment. Left unattended, pipe bellies can cause stoppages or leaks over time. Buried and out of sight, no one thinks much about their sewer line until it fails , seeping sewage into the ground or backing foul smelling wastewater up into the home. Sewer lines see heavy use and those in older homes were often built before modern appliances (garbage disposals, dishwashers, etc) and toilets forced more water through them, making them more susceptible to failure, especially if theres been extensive remodeling. Older homes are also more likely to have issues with sewer lines shifting or being damaged by tree roots . Nothing lasts forever. Older homes often have faucets, fixtures , and supply line connections that are nearing the end of their lifespan. Corrosion and general wear and tear can lead to restricted water flow, broken knobs , and leaks that make simply using water in the house an inconvenience at best and an expensive disaster at worse. While many people try to simply get by with failing plumbing, things have a way of breaking at the worst possible time.


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